The Dreadlords Battle Manual.
By Ramutis Giliauskas
The tactics and strategy, that were written 2500 years ago by
Sun Tsu in "The Art of War", and from this, all the principals
of warfare that apply directly to VGA PLANETS, are contained
in this grand battle manual.
They were the same in 500bc China, 400bc Greece, 100bc Rome, 1200ad Mongolia, the Napoleonic times and 20th century. Only the technology behind warfare has changed, but the T & S has always been sound and true.

However, in current US warfare standards, it seems to be the policy to bankrupt the nation instead of winning an easy street fight.
With over $1Trillion spent in the first 5 years, (that's more than many countries total gnp!)  it can ONLY be that reasoning. Line the pockets of businesses and friends rather than kill off a megalomaniac and get out. Current US laws don't really provide for the removal of a mad man as President, so we have to wait for the next bum and see it all repeat again. Impeachment doesn't work because they only vote down party lines.

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