Yellow Beard v1.0
The Scourge of the Echo Cluster!
An Addon for Vga Planets v3, Host 3.22.xx
2005-2013 Vgap.Net,
with aid from The War Room

Yellowbeard, Stagger Stagger Roll Roll Stagger Roll Crawl Crawl... I.> The Scenario :

Several members of the Orion Protection Consortium (OPC) have formed into a splinter cell of pirates, and are rampaging about the star sector.   These pirates are looting and pillaging targets of easy opportunity.

Officially declared as renegades and rogues by the consortium, they have no objective but to harass and disrupt the trade routes of 'good and honest' space faring races.   Their leader, named Yellow Beard, is a completely insane and ruthless megalomaniac, who is also a genius at star drive engineering.

These pirates use uninhabitable star systems for hide-outs, making it impossible to hunt them down, unless you somehow manage to defeat one of their ships, or accidentally STUMBLE across their base while scanning!   If you defeat one of  his ships, you gain access to the ships rudder (maps), and will know his bases secret location.   You should then gather a rather sizeable fleet to attack his base for the grand prize.. a Genesis Morpher Device.

The pirates base is randomly placed, but will be at least 25LY from any other planet and roughly within a 700LY radius of the true center of the map.   The base will never be visible, and only a player who defeats one of their ships will know where it is.   This does not stop a player from giving out the location should they find it, but it will only be revealed to a player who defeats one of the three ships.

If a players ship should stumble near the bases location, by ending its movement within a few LY of its x,y position while performing a sensor sweep mission, that ship(s) will be attacked by...
Yellow Beard's ENTIRE fleet! ARRRGGHHH

The host can configure what turn the attacks will begin.   The attacks can start anytime after turn 9. In a very rich setting turn 15 to 20 would be a good start, where as with a poor mineral game 25 to 35 might be a better starting point.

Yellow Beard's fleet ALWAYS has 9 ships, but only 4 are active and mobile at any given time, 1 being the base and 4 others are backup ships should an active ship be destroyed.   On a good note, one attack ship will appear on any given turn.   YB has 1st build priority over everyone else, and will replace any destroyed ship on the next turn where a ship slot is available.

Yellow Beard's fleet is...

1 Base - (default) maxed out, fully loaded Borg Biocide, that is not mobile.

3 Attack Ships - (default) Ill Wind Battle Cruisers:
T10 weapons, 30 torps, and tech 1 engines.
In the unlikely event of being captured by a player, these are always loaded with 10,000 MCs and supplies, as sort of a bonus prize.

Yellow Beard's Ship - (default) Gorbie Battle Carrier
200 Fighters, 50 supplies, Heavy Disruptors, T1 engines and full tank of gas.

The three attack ships each will do something different.

The first will attack any player's ship that is alone, and away from a planet.

The second will pillage a random player's planet.

The third will RGA a random planet.

At no time will any HOME WORLD be attacked. (coward!)

Yellow Beards fleet has jump drives, designed by him, in addition to standard tech-1 star drives. This is how his ships can be anywhere on the map and attack.   If a ship is captured, the jump drives are destroyed.. sorry.

His attack ships will always be at 100% strength and can strike anywhere on the map.   The first strike will be against the player with the planet closest to Yellow Beard's base X,Y.   After the first attack, the strikes will move randomly, and be several hundred LY from the last attack.   The likelihood of any 1 player getting attacked twice in a row is only possible if that player controls a vast area of the map.

His attacking ships have a 90% chance each turn to make an appearance.
After the smaller ships attack, then there is a 10% chance that Yellow Beard will attack on the next turn.   If he does not, then no attack will take place that turn, and the cycle repeats.
If all 3 smaller ships have been destroyed before they are replaced, there is a 33% chance that Yellow Beard will show up and attack a solo ship each turn until they are.

If his base is engaged, all remaining active ships, including Yellow Beard's will defend it.   The remaining attack ships will fight first, then Yellow Beard, and then the base.   All remaining ships will be in fully repaired and replenished condition.

Yellow Beards base is also protected by a very special & deadly defense.
You will have to attack it to find out what that is... not being mentioned in this text or the addon files anywhere.

If a player manages to defeat Yellow Beard's fleet and base, one of two things will happen.
If Yellow Beard's fleet was created before 450 ships (900 with host 999) are made, then 4 unfueled PRIZE ships will appear at the base x,y.   Each will be loaded with MCs, fighters or torps, max weapons and engines, and NO fuel.

Default prize ships...
1 Nova Super-Dreadnought
1 Annihilation Cube
1 Dark Wing Battleship
1 Virgo Battlestar

If a player manages to defeat Yellow Beard's fleet and base that was created after ship 450 was built,  that race (who killed the base) will get 1 "Genesis Morpher Device".
This device, can be used on any ship with the friendly code "GMD", that ship will be randomly transformed into another ship tech 8-10 that is fully loaded, fuelled and all cargo will be converted to torps or fighters if applicable, or lost if not possible.

Once the base is destroyed, the addon will attempt to restart the cycle again once new ship slots are acquired.   The 2nd+ times around should be much easier but still very harassing!

If there are any less than 450 slots used, restart will take place once 9 ships slots are acquired. The ship slots will be acquired in the order of prize ships, base, Yellow Beard, and finally the attack ships.

If there are more than 450 ship slots used, restart will take place once the base, Yellow Beard's ship, and the attack ships have been created.

If the 450 ship limit is hit before the proper number of ship slots are allocated, then Yellow Beard's covert agents will sabotage smaller ships (aka destroy them) to get enough slots for his fleet.   The Primary targets of sabotage will be any unfueled ship tech 8 or below.   Unfueled ships at bases, will not be targeted.   If there is no unfueled ship of tech 8 or below, then a random ship in deep space that is tech 8 or below will be targeted.

This means if all players build just tech 9 and 10 ships, Yellow Beard's reappearance will be slowed considerably.   The sabotage will target the player with the most ships first and work down the list till enough slots have been taken for Yellow Beard's fleet.


In-Game Messages

The players will receive these preactivation messages.

Harrr Mate! 'tis Yellow Beard mouthin off to ye... Stay Home and bed yer wenches.

Avast & drop yer sails, lest ye be blasted out of the stars!

Come no further into me waters or ye shall feel me wrath!

These messages will show up on turns 1, 4, and 9, respectively.

On the first turn of attacks the following message will be sent...

AAARRRRR!!! Get thee out I say!

If Yellow Beard Attacks...

HARR HARR!! Yooo Hooo, blow yer men down!

When the base is attacked...


After defeating the base...

Arrr! <cough> <cough> ARRRRRRrrrrrrrr r r <static>.

<sensor report>
Escape pod detected!
Now leaving the sector...
Pod entering hyperspace.
the end...?

II.> Use of the Yellow Beard addon

The YELLOW.INI is pretty basic and self explanatory, however, the " = " in between the name and set value setting must be there.   If you miss a space you will end up with the default values. The INI is only processed the first time that Yellow Beard is run on a game and will create a binary data file for the game data needed by Yellow Beard.

If you change the ship list from the default remember to edit the ship hull numbers to something equal or better than they currently are set as.. to be fair.


# Yellow Beard Configuration

Host999 = 0
# Will this game use host999 1 = Yes

StartTurn = 25
# Start Turn sets the first turn Yellow Beard can attack (10+)

MinDist = 25
# Minimum distance from a planet for the bases location (10+)

Radius = 700
# Maximum radius from true center the base can be placed (100+)

Stumble = 3
# Maximum range at which a ship can be to discover the base (1-10)

AttackRange = 500;
# Minimum range from the last attack to the next (100-900)

# Hull numbers of ships in Yellow beard's fleet

YellowBeard = 70
# Gorbie

YellowBase = 52
# Biocide

YellowAttack = 37
# Ill-Wind

YellowPrize1 = 20
# Nova

YellowPrize2 = 53
# Annihilation

YellowPrize3 = 29
# Darkwing

YellowPrize4 = 99
# Virgo


Yellow Beard works in AUXBC.INI and AUXHOST2.INI. If
these aren't created by other addons you will have to create


Yellow <game dir> 1
i.e.:  Yellow VPWORK1 1


Yellow <game dir> 2
i.e.:  Yellow VPWORK1 2

Place auxbc.ini & auxhost2.ini in the directory where the games data files are
being used.

Place yellow.exe & yellow.ini in the directory where the host.exe file is.




Suggested difficulty level settings --

Low or few players - limit attack ships to Eros or Loki or similar types.
Moderate, 11 players but with minimal game familiarity. Limit ships to such as Nebula or LCC.
High, nearly full game of skilled players. Limit ships to nothing bigger than Ill Wind or Diplomacy types.
Lethal - Default setting. Attack ships are all high end and will usually wipe out any single ship attacked.

Player advantage, Yellow Beard will not directly attack any ship with a hull tech level over 8.
Only if a stumble takes place will any ship be attacked and by all 4 ships in YB's fleet !! see below.

Examples of Game Messages

RGA Ship Attack msg --

(-p0304)<<< Yellow Beard >>>
Yellow Beard's pirates has landed saboteurs on Bundy
Planet ID# : 304
30% of the money has been destroyed
40% of the supplies destroyed
20% colonists killed
20% of the defense outposts gone
60% of the mineral mines gone
30% of the factories destroyed
The colonists are upset
The natives are pleased


Pillage attack msg --

(-p0270)<<< Yellow Beard >>>

Yellow Beard's pirates are plundering Cestus 3
20% of the population was been killed.
Our money has been beamed aboard.
Our supplies have been taken.

Planet captured by Yellow Beard via RGA or Pillage msg --

(-p0304)<<< Sub Space Message >>>

Has been taken over by the
Unknown Race ship Dull.

Sensor scan of Yellow Beard owned planet msg --

(-z0304)<<< Sub Space Message >>>

From: Infinite Psycho
Temp: 52 ( Temperate - warm )
There are enemy colonists living on this planet.
The colonists are part of the Unknown Race race.
Sensors show that there are 1 enemy clans.

Player Captures YB Ship --
(-f0425)<<< Fleet Message >>>

The The Good Agony ID # 425
has captured the
Unknown Race ship
Dull ID # 492

The good thing about capturing one of Yellow Beard's ships is that it will have $10k on it!

Player Attack of a
Yellow Beard owned Planet --

Yes it is possible for YB to own planets, if RGA or Pillage mission kills off the population.

Attack results msg --
(-f0495)<<< Fleet Message >>>

Dangerous Eclipse ID # 131 Has been destroyed by the Dull ID # 495 a Unknown Race starship.
Ship attacks msg --

(-a0711)<<< Yellow Beard >>>

HARR HARR!! Yooo Hooo,
blow yer men down!


Base destroyed msg --
(-a0711)<<< Yellow Beard >>>

Arrr! <cough> <cough>
ARRRRRRrrrrrrrr r r <static>

<sensor report> Escape pod detected!
Now leaving the sector...
Pod entering hyperspace.

the end...?


Base stumbled upon / discovered msg --
(-s0347)<<< Yellow Beard >>>

We are caught in an energy field.
It is dragging us to ( xxxx , yyyy )

We have taken damage!

Yes a Virgo took 16% damage from this dragging...
this is the bases secret defense.. small ships will probably be killed.


Base location revealed --
(-a0711)<<< Yellow Beard >>>

A homing beacon was found in the
rudder of the pirate ship.

Data recovered points to (xxxx , yyyy)


Grand Prize msg --
(-a0711)<<< Yellow Beard >>>

You have acquired a
Genesis Morpher Device
use FCode GMD on a ship to activate it.




1. Can YB own planets?
Yes, if gained via pillage or RGA.

2. Will my ship be attacked if in orbit when my planet is attacked?
Only if your ships mission is KILL.

3. There is no message when using a GMD.
The ship being used on simply becomes something else.